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The sixth season of Royal Pains will debut on June 10 at 9 PM. It moves from Wednesday to Tuesday. There it will be paired with CIA drama Covert Affairs, which will slide to 10 PM for Season 5, premiering June 24.


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A big update to the Piper Perabo Fan Gallery with the screencaps from “George & The Dragon”.

Piper Perabo Fan Gallery > Movies > George & The Dragon > DVD Screencaptures

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What would be your ideal food day?

Breakfast at Jack’s Wife Freda in New York City; lunch at La Capital Cantina in Mexico City; dinner at my folks house when my dad makes blackened pot roast sandwiches on my mom’s homemade rolls, and maybe dessert at The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York City.

What’s your drink?

A vodka martini, straight up.

How do you start your day on a good note?

A cortado, an egg sandwich with kale and extra hot sauce, and a slow walk around the block.


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Piper is up for “Best Dramatic Performer of 2013?” in the TV Fanatic polls – vote HERE

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Piper Perabo Fan Gallery > Covert Affairs > Season One > 105 “In the Light”
Piper Perabo Fan Gallery > Covert Affairs > Season One > 106 “Houses of the Holy”
Piper Perabo Fan Gallery > Covert Affairs > Season One > 107 “Communication Breakdown”

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This season’s amazing season finale of Covert Affairs is up in the Piper Perabo Fan Gallery.

Piper Perabo Fan Gallery > Covert Affairs > Season 4 > 416 “Trompe Le Monde”

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